All good things must come to an end
Posted on 2006-07-28 by Mike
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This is the last post that will be done on this site.

Amanda and I have seperated. Instead of moving to California, she decided to move to Utah instead and start a new life there.

We are currently in the process of cutting our financial ties to each other and starting the divorce paperwork.

I'm sure many of you out there have questions of why, but this is not the forum for giving out such details. The nitty-gritty is that she doesn't have romantic feelings for me anymore, and when you don't have that emotional connection the relationship isn't worth anything.

She seems very happy with her decision. We've mulled over it many times in long conversations both face-to-face and over the phone. Things just aren't as they should be and didn't end like they should've.

As I wrote, this is the last posting for the site. Amanda did all the design and I wouldn't feel comfortable in using the site in it's current form. Be that as it may, I don't plan on removing this site or the past postings we've made. The gallery will remain and the stories that go with them should remain as well. This is my plan for the short term.

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At 19:07:44 on 2006-07-28 Vickie said:
Please keep in touch, let me know you new e-mail address. My thoughts and love to you. You will always have a connection to this family.
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At 15:07:42 on 2006-07-29 Whitney said:
This is a difficult time, I know. Please let us know your new email address. All of your Okie friends are thinking about you and sending you positive energy. Let us know if there is ANYTHING you EVER need. Much love, Whitney McCabe
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At 23:07:13 on 2006-07-29 Carol said:
I'm so sorry to here the news. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts & prayers every day, as you have been for the past several months. We love you Mike.
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At 22:07:19 on 2006-07-31 Dawn said:
I'm a little shocked by this news. I hope that the new direction that both of your lives is taking will bring you both happiness. Take care.
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At 10:08:53 on 2006-08-01 luci said:
I'm shaken, too, at this news. What great losses the two of you have suffered, the loss of dreams not the least of them. As Dawn said, I hope *both* of you find happiness down the road. Take care of yourselves, friends (and I consider both of you friends).
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At 13:08:52 on 2006-08-08 Debbie said:
Mike, We admire your strength. You have shown great dignity and this last posting is more proof of that. We love you. Always remember, FOFSILYB. The Suenrams
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