Posted on 2006-07-12 by Amanda
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Oh man... and I thought I was busy before. I was given two week notice on the move date, and since then everything has been non-stop. Now I'm not complaining too much, because mostly it's friends calling and wanting to take me out one last time before I leave. But there's so much to do and so little time left, and on top of that I'm in the middle of a really good book that is so hard to resist.

Hmmm.... read or clean out a closet? Read or do another load of laundry? Read or clean out my fridge? And with going out to lunch, out to dinner, out to drinks, etc. with so many people, there's really no choice. When I'm at home I just can't sit and read!

I tell myself I'll have plenty of time to read out in California at first. We won't have our furniture or any of our stuff (other than what is packed in the van) for a couple weeks, so I'll be in a big empty house all day while Mike is at class. Plenty of time for internet and reading then!

So yeah... you probably won't hear much at all from me at least for the next week. The packers are coming Monday; the movers come Tuesday. I'll be leaving either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how early everything gets loaded. It's about a 30 hour drive, and I'm REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! Come on! I've never been on a solo road trip before, and it's going to be such a rush. The independence and the control!

Look out, California... Here I come!

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