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Posted on 2006-07-09 by Mike
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School has never been my thing. I was one of the many that skimmed through high school with never putting effort into it. It was really more of an inconvienence in my daily life.

Going back to that learning environment now (and learning a foreign language for that matter) is no easy task. My brain hasn't worked this hard in a very long time. In 3 days I've had to learn 60+ words as well as read/write/speak in basic sentences. It's all a bit overwealming.

In fact, most of my fellow classmates are having the same issues as myself. The instructors KNOW that we'll feel "confused" for about the first semester (roughly 5 months I think). It's the firehose approach to learning. Give 'em an enormous amount of info and see what they can absorb. 100 words a week is to be expected now and I think we ramp up to 300 by the end of the course.

But hey, I'm gettin' paid to go to class so what do I have to complain about.

My main issue at this point is conversational Arabic. I can read, write, and translate fairly well, but actually talking to someone is proving to be difficult. I expect my brain to be more on track speaking-wise in about another week.

Speaking of the up coming weeks, I should be moving off post next weekend and I'll get my new study partner the following weekend. I probably should have picked a less attractive study buddy though. There's the temptation to study her more than the book.

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At 21:07:33 on 2006-07-12 Amanda said:
*tried her hardest to not look tempting... but fails*
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At 13:07:23 on 2006-07-19 Russell Vaughn said:
Mike Odin has been found a vet called her about him. The number to the vet is 1-405-364-1100 ask for Christine. Let me know if you get this Mike. Hope all is going well with you there.

Russell Vaughn
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At 15:07:53 on 2006-07-20 Vickie said:
just a note to say I am thinking about you,hope you are holding up.
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